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    Why Syntrad?

    We have gained an extensive experience in the field of international translation projects through our work in the particularly demanding and specific market of translation for the European social dialogue institutions

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    About us

    SYNTRAD is a translation agency that offers top quality language services to public and private clients. We lead the translation market for the European social dialogue institutions and have been present in the market for over 6 years.


European social dialogue institutions

Translations with topics related to issues of European social dialogue are an essential part of our business. Actually, at the beginning, we started by translating some expert reports for members of European Works Councils in companies active in various sectors. Indeed we are proud to keep them as a large group of loyal clients. Various documents and information transmitted by central management under the framework of the information and consultation process, internal correspondence between the various members of European Works Councils, the exchange of correspondence with management, and even the information brought to the attention of workers by the European Works Council are all examples of documents to be translated into the native language of each member of the European Works Council. Over the past six years, we have translated for them thousands of pages in dozens of language combinations and in various formats, in compliance with high quality requirements and always in a timely fashion. Given this experience, we have been able to hone our skills in managing international translation projects, deepen our understanding of issues related to the European social dialogue, and build a base of translators specialized in this interdisciplinary field.

To ensure the effective operation of institutions taking part in European social dialogue, our rich offer of services in the field of social dialogue is targeting a wide audience:

  • Union representatives and workers' organizations
  • European Works Councils
  • Federation of Trade Unions
  • Labour market institutions

We specialize in the direct translation (source language transposed into target language) and especially in combinations involving the French language. Translations realized by SYNTRAD are exclusively assigned to translators whose target language is their native language. This service is not subject to additional fees, as is often the case with our competitors. It is a basic feature shaping the quality of our services. In addition to language skills, our translators have acquired an extensive expertise in their specialized fields. This is reflected in the high quality and the timely rapid delivery of services we provide. Besides translations, we also offer additional services.

With an experience of over 6 years in the realization of translations in the field of European social dialogue, we worked, among others, on the following projects :

  • Condition analysis and review of the European social dialogue
  • Reports on the prospects of the European social dialogue
  • Reports on the impact of social dialogue to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis in the sectors of metallurgy and automobile manufacturing
  • Training materials for the European social partners
  • European projects prepared for various bodies of the European social dialogue
  • Developing social conventions (including an anti-crisis programme in the industrial sector)
  • Legal acts regulating the forms and principles of the European social dialogue
  • Expert reports to European Works Councils

We encourage you - without any commitment on your part - to apply for a free sample translation in order to ascertain the quality of our work. All you need to do is to send a text of up to 250 words to the following email address: test@syntrad.eu.

Should you wish to ask a question about SYNTRAD please use the Contact form. And if you would like to obtain a detailed estimate for a translation, please use the Request for Quotation form.

We believe that a complete understanding is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of complex organizations that include representatives of several countries and that act in the interests of various stakeholders in the social dialogue. And this is exactly what is achieved by SYNTRAD translation services.

Our clients

Arcelor Mittal Works Council

VALEO Works Council

Credit Agricole Works Council

Saint-Gobain Works Council

Transdev Works Council

Veolia Works Council


Syntrad Sp. z o.o.

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