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    Why Syntrad?

    We have gained an extensive experience in the field of international translation projects through our work in the particularly demanding and specific market of translation for the European social dialogue institutions

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    About us

    SYNTRAD is a translation agency that offers top quality language services to public and private clients. We lead the translation market for the European social dialogue institutions and have been present in the market for over 6 years.


Recruitment procedure

The recruitment aims at selecting, according to criteria strictly defined by us, people with the best language and technical skills. SYNTRAD agrees then to work with them as freelance translators. We take into account the current needs of the translation agency and the results of systematic internal needs analysis for various language combinations.

The stages of the recruitment procedure within the SYNTRAD translation agency:

  1. We conduct a preliminary evaluation of the candidates on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the form completed by the translator / proofreader and his/her CV, both transmitted electronically. To this effect, we rely on our internal criteria in terms of human resources.
  2. The selected candidates are then invited to submit scanned copies of documents to prove their qualifications (diplomas, references, certifiable record of translation work, titles of publications, etc.).
  3. The candidates are then personally informed (in electronic format) of the terms of work provided by our agency (in case of further questions, the use of telephone conversations can be envisaged). To confirm their interest in collaborating with the SYNTRAD translation agency, translators are required to carry out a sample translation.
  4. The sample translation is to be carried out free of charge and involves ONLY one combination: foreign language to native language (of the translator / proofreader). The topic is suitable for the field of expertise listed on the personal form. The maximum text length is 250 words (according to the statistics generated by the Microsoft Word software). The text is sent to the applicant electronically and delivered by the applicant within a mutually agreed period of time.
  5. 5. All tests are reviewed by proofreaders whose native language is the source language. The assessment includes:
    • technical expertise,
    • terminology,
    • completeness of the translation,
    • punctuation,
    • style,
    • and format.
    All translators, regardless of the rating, are informed of the results of the recruitment procedure (in electronic format). Scoring "0" in any Category means the elimination of the candidate. A negative result means the application is rejected. The score can be improved after a period of six months.
  6. Candidates who have successfully completed this stage of the recruitment procedure are included in our database of translators / proofreaders.
  7. When translation projects correspond to the language combination and field of expertise provided by the translator / proofreader, the project manager will contact the translator / proofreader via electronic means or by telephone. If the translator / proofreader has confirmed his / her availability, the conditions for carrying out the translation are provided. If accepted, a collaboration contract is being signed (in the case of a first collaboration) and the agency confirms the translation request.

Our clients

Arcelor Mittal Works Council

VALEO Works Council

Credit Agricole Works Council

Saint-Gobain Works Council

Transdev Works Council

Veolia Works Council


Syntrad Sp. z o.o.

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