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    Why Syntrad?

    We have gained an extensive experience in the field of international translation projects through our work in the particularly demanding and specific market of translation for the European social dialogue institutions

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    About us

    SYNTRAD is a translation agency that offers top quality language services to public and private clients. We lead the translation market for the European social dialogue institutions and have been present in the market for over 6 years.


Social dialogue

Our rich offer of services in the field of social dialogue is targeting a wide audience:

  • The European social dialogue institutions,
  • The representatives of trade unions and employers' organizations,
  • The workers' committees,
  • The European Works Councils,
  • The trade union federations,
  • The local authorities,
  • The government - at a central and territorial level,
  • The institutions that regulate the labour market.

We cover a wide range of topics within our area of expertise such as:

  • Business relationship,
  • Economic policy,
  • Fiscal policy,
  • Financial policy,
  • Insurance schemes and social welfare.

One of the unique aspects of social dialogue is the European social dialogue. This notion covers a range of various issues including activities such as discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions of the representative bodies of the European social partners with the aim to connect and bring together their interests.

Issues covered by the European social dialogue:

  • Social conventions,
  • Promotion of the European social dialogue,
  • Effectiveness of the European social dialogue,
  • Training participants in the European social dialogue,
  • Current situation in the area of social dialogue
  • Legal aspects related to the issue of social dialogue,
  • Employee information and consultation procedure,
  • Establishment and operation of trade unions, workers' organizations and other workers representations,
  • Concluding collective agreements,
  • Managing collective labour disputes.

Examples of documents translated by SYNTRAD:

  • Condition analysis of the European social dialogue,
  • Reports on the prospects of the European social dialogue,
  • Reports on the impact of social dialogue to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis in the sectors of metallurgy and automobile manufacturing,
  • Training materials for the European social partners,
  • European projects prepared for various bodies of the European social dialogue,
  • Developing social conventions (including an anti-crisis programme in the industrial sector),
  • Legal acts regulating the forms and principles of the European social dialogue,
  • Expert reports to European Works Councils.

Our clients

Arcelor Mittal Works Council

VALEO Works Council

Credit Agricole Works Council

Saint-Gobain Works Council

Transdev Works Council

Veolia Works Council


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